Save 2-3% of Technical Operations Costs

Clients are aggressively pursuing financial improvements to enhance viability, capital access and to achieve corporate goals. The technical aspects of their operation are typically under-challenged due to lack of internal expertise and bandwidth of existing management.

Triage Tracks are designed to identify readily implementable low capital cost improvement. This is the beginning of the programmatic journey towards Administration & Technical Operations Cost Optimization.

This mix of services typically uncovers up to 10% of the entire program value. Triage Analysis focuses on opportunities requiring low/no capital investment that require limited organizational alignment. It creates a fast start to the back of house process improvement program and provides the desperately needed funding. The bulk of the implementation resources are from outside the organizations; leveraging the marketplace to develop the business justification, design and implement change and validate impacts. The Program Management team then works with finance to change the budgets, ensuring the savings are realized and maintained.


The Value Assessment quickly identifies easily realized areas of cost savings by using readily available client and vendor information. These targeted cost savings opportunities require little or no capital and minimal resources.

Clients have zero cost, retain 65% of the first-year savings and all subsequent years’ savings.

The Value Assessment will utilize 1-2 days of the clients’ accounting administrative person to collect these documents and 4-weeks of the TPCG Triage Team to produce an Executive Management Cost Optimization Action Plan. This Action Plan will likely span the following 10 specified tracks.