About us

Who We Are

TPCG is a full service strategic management, marketing and advisory services firm that specializes in development, cost reduction, revenue expansion and program execution.

The firm started in 2005 with its first client, Kraft Foods helping deploy a carbon footprint reduction and facility management strategy across its global portfolio.

Since its inception TPCG has helped 100’s of industrial and healthcare organizations improve their situations and expand their presence.

The foundation of our organization is clearly understanding the current condition, effectively planning the critical path and performance tracking the results to ensure success.

Company Overview

About us


TPCG believes that clearly defining the current baseline and capabilities is required to define the existing condition and the complexity of the journey ahead of us. 

With this information, the requirements to achieve the strategic vision can be defined and resourced. After aligning the roles and responsibilities along with defining the drivers and the impacts to performance, new expectations can be created, tracked and reported. 

Our tasks and deliverable’s are designed to drive owner equity and the ability to realize the value of that asset. Our business model is built on a performance based platform intended to align our services and the application of our intellectual property with the motivation of our client. 


About us


TPCG strives to help our clients understand the challenges they face, and more importantly, to understand their options to improve their situation. By having reliable information and a solid understanding of the possibilities, educated decisions can be made that have a high probability of success.

The foundation of our practice and service lines as well as the experience and effort are to help out clients fully understand their existing situation and the best possible course of action to achieve their objectives. In the development and deployment of action planning to achieve these goals, measurable key performance indicators (KPI) must be defined and tracked as these are the drivers that ensure success.